The latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s “Mean Tweets” segment is here, and following last night’s incredible Game 1 of the NBA Finals, it’s only right that it’s 100 percent hoops-themed. 

The clip features some of your favorite players reading off vile, ruthless and utterly hilarious tweets directed straight at them. From Draymond Green, Andre Drummond, and Ben Simmons, to Tracy McGrady, Scottie Pippen and Kobe Bryant, no one is safe from the ruthless Twitter shots thrown in their faces.

Most of them took the insults in stride, including  Tracy McGrady, whose tweet was so hilarious that even McGrady himself had to laugh before hitting back. “Tracy McGrady looks like a grown ass Steve Urkel with Biggie Small’s eyes,” the tweet read. Though he had to respond with a smiling “fuck y’all,” it’s obvious the retired all-star found that one funny. 

Kobe found himself being accused of crying to Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose,” to which the basketball legend firmly denied ever weeping at the tune, but confirmed that he couldn’t restrain himself from singing it. Kevin Love, meanwhile, was blamed for anything and everything, in a tweet that read, “This is all Kevin Love’s fault.” He took it in stride, as if he’s heard that one before.

Draymond Green was pretty quick on his toes even off-court here, as he had a pretty ingenious reply to his Twitter troll. “Draymond Green’s jump shot is ALMOST as ugly as his face…Almost,” the tweet read. “That’s a damn good looking jump shot,” Green replied into the camera. Nice save.