Who better to weigh in on the controversial final minute of the Cavs/Warriors Game 1 than ex-NBA ref Tim Donaghy? Probably a lot of people. But, still, TMZ got the disgraced former official to give his two cents on the performance of the men whose uniform he used to don. More specifically, they got his two cents on the overturn of a "was it a charge?/was it a block?" call that ultimately went against Cleveland, and which inarguably altered the game with just 36.4 ticks left.

According to Donaghy (who it should be noted does know the NBA rule book like the back of his hand), there should've been a jump ball at the center circle. He further states that the refs botched the call by going to replay, and that that sort of decision invalidates the NBA rule book.

Because of that, he concludes that the refs blew the game, and said that the league should follow established precedent of replaying the portion of the contest that followed the missed call. Should you choose to, you can hear his entire explanation below:

Anyway, best of luck in getting the league to do that. We're sure they'll be very, very open to suggestions from Donaghy.

The Warriors and Cavaliers will be playing Game 2 this coming Sunday, June 3 on ABC. The Warriors won Game 1 with a final score of 124-114 after going into OT.