On Tuesday, a security dog at a base in Italy tore down Mark Ingram of the New Orleans Saints with a tackle that might have netted him 15-yards and probably would've injured Ingram were he not wearing comically gigantic safety pads. Check it out for yourself: 

If you're wondering what event this was, it was part of a USO visit by NFL players for troops stationed at Aviano Air Base in Italy. If you're wondering why Ingram did this, well, as he explained in the video above, he was peer-pressured by, who else, his peers. Seems like this would be a better warning against peer pressure than middle school videos showing teens smoking their first joint, but what do we know. Ingram also explains in the clip that the horse collar was actually the third time the dog chased him down, with the first two resulting in bites on his arm.

Falcons offensive guard Ben Garland also got subdued by the pooch. Unfortunately, we haven't come across footage of that, yet. But, if we do, we'll try and put it up.