At some point in their decades-long career, Canadian rock group, Nickelback, became music’s number one punching bag. The much-loved (and equally hated) band from Hanna, Alberta have won numerous awards, performed sold out shows all over the globe, and sold more than 50 million records all in the process. Still, and despite their undeniable success, The Back have become the butt of countless jokes and viral internet memes these last few years. In fact, this constant hate has made any joke at the expense of the group a tiresome and hacky one.

One person who seems to agree with this sentiment is Toronto Raptors player, Lucas Nogeuria. In a recent interview with CBS Sports’ James Herbert, the Brazilian centre professed his love for the band and went out of his way to defend the rockers. "One of the bands that I love so much and Canadians, people hate: Nickelback," he told Herbert. "[Canadians] love to support famous Canadians. And I don't understand because I grew up thinking Chad Kroeger is amazing, I love him. And when I came to Canada, people are like, 'You like Nickelback?' And everybody starts laughing in my face."

But Nickelback aren’t the only critical pariahs Nogueira messes with. Later in the discussion, the 25-year-old reveals that he found a reason to love Hoobastank, Blink-182, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (he even has a RHC logo tattooed on his arm). Nogueira says that his love of music is so deep, that he’s considering a career in the industry after leaving professional basketball. “Every day I'm studying different songs. Like, I like to pay attention to instruments,” he told CBS. “I love it so much, music. I wish, one day, if I retire from basketball, to start, like, a career in music. This is my goal that I have." We for one, welcome this career switch with bated breath.