The woman who has accused former WWE superstar, Enzo Amore, of raping her in a Phoenix hotel room has revealed her identity and released a video testimony in which she details the alleged assault. The victim, Philomena Sheahan revealed to TMZ Sports that she told  Amore "no" and to "please stop" both before, and throughout the course of her lengthy assault.

Sheahan explained that Amore ignored her request "get to know each other" first, and instead, forcibly picked her up from the couch and proceeded to "flipped me over, ripped my tights off and completely just started sexually assaulting me." 

In the video, Sheahan says that she was crying and begging Amore to stop, but he ignored all of her protests and continued assaulting her. At one point, Sheahan was violently flung onto the bed and hit her head so hard that she passed out. Sheahan explained the confusion she felt when she finally regained consciousness and realized that Amore was still "having sex" with her. 

Phoenix authorities have opened an investigation into Sheahan's assault and Amore, whose real name is Eric Arndt, has been released from the WWE. Amore has since released the following statement through his attorney, denying Sheahan's allegations.