The Warriors' Draymond Green is no stranger to talking some trash, frequently taking shots while facing plenty of criticism himself. During one of his recent days off, Green found another reason to get into it with someone. On ESPN's NBA Countdown, the topic of Kevin Durant popped up when NBA reporter Brian Windhorst discussed KD's apology following his criticism of referees. Windhorst brought up Green's similar comments from earlier this month, and Green wasn't too happy about it.

Windhorst mentioned Green saying "every referee should be fired," and that was about it, really. Backing up Durant's criticisms, seemingly supporting the Warriors instead of taking shots, the comments were very mild and if anything positive toward the team. Green didn't see it that way, though, taking to Twitter. "Don't bring my name up No neck," he tweeted. "I'm not the topic of y'all conversation today."

Windhorst wasn't criticizing anyone when he brought up Draymond Green's comments, but obviously Green isn't taking any of it regardless. Windhorst doesn't seem to upset about the tweet, though, joking about it on ESPN after the Rockets-Mavericks game finished. Paul Pierce said he believes Paul George is more deserving of All-Star status than Green, with Windhorst joking, "Now Draymond's going to tweet at you."

He might be one of the biggest and best trash-talkers in the NBA, but this is a bit unnecessary. Maybe he just heard his name and assumed it was in a negative context, or maybe he was just bored.