Dave Chappelle recently turned Draymond Green into the punchline of a joke during his new Netflix special Equanimity. As it turns out, the Warriors’ forward didn't take the name-dropping too hard, responding lightheartedly to Chappelle via Twitter. “C’mon bro, I just named my son ‘Draymond’ hahaha,” he wrote.

In the special, Chappelle joked that Rachel Dolezal needed to change her name in order to prove that she really wants to be black. “If you want my support, you’re gonna have to change your name to the blackest shit I’ve ever heard,” Chappelle says. “Bitch, you’re gonna have to change your name to Draymond Green.”

Chappelle’s joke about Green’s name continued. “That shit is black on paper,” Chappelle said. “If you type Draymond Green into Airbnb that shit will log off automatically.” Of course, Chappelle's jokes are usually rooted in some unsavory truths, and this one is no exception. In 2015, Politifact found that job applicants with “a name that sounded African-American” made a candidate 33 percent less likely to hear back about a job. Last year an Airbnb host canceled a reservation after making racist comments to an Asian guest. 

Not everyone responded as lightheartedly as Green to the references Chappelle made during his new specials. During the show, Chappelle referred to criticism he received for his earlier specials The Age of Spin and Deep in the Heart of Texas, when some accused him of making transphobic and insensitive jokes harmful to the LGBTQ community. A fan who possibly exchanged dialogue with Chappelle says his new comments about the trans community have become "even more dismissive."