The New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony are reportedly at an impasse right now. The Knicks are actively looking to trade the 10-time NBA All-Star while 'Melo remains steadfast in his desire to reach a buyout with the organization. In the meantime, Anthony has been hard at work this summer, getting up shots with his son Kiyan. 

Working on his game by himself. 

Getting in some cardio work at nearly 2 a.m. 

While most front office personnel would practically have a tear streaming down their cheek at the sight of their franchise player putting in such hard work to stay at the top of his game, the Knicks have always been a different type of beast. Given the state of their strained relationship, it appears as though general manager Steve Mills couldn't help but laugh when he was shown 'Melo's most recent workout video during the team's Summer League game earlier today. 

Of course, the relationship between the Knicks and Anthony didn't have to get to this point. Former team president Phil Jackson did everything in his power throughout the latter part of his tenure with the Knicks to coerce 'Melo into leaving town. If you thought that with Jackson out of the picture, Mills would try to smooth things over with Carmelo, don't make him laugh. 

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