Cleveland rates low in quality of life, won’t be competitive in the near future, and the owner has never extended a general manager. Previous team president David Griffin was so tired of being the NBA’s lowest paid in that position that he essentially told Dan Gilbert, “You can’t fire me, because I quit.”

They were previously negotiating with Chauncey Billups, but after Gilbert lowballed him, Billups removed himself from consideration. This isn’t a ship worth going down with.

The Cleveland Cinderellas are almost out of time before transforming back into pumpkins when the doomsday clock lands on 12. LeBron James will enter free agency in 2018, and this time, it’s not a formality that he’ll re-sign. Reportedly, Kyrie Irving is now reaching for his ejection lever as well. Even if someone takes the GM job in 2017, the expectations are championship or bust at a time when their supporting cast is aging and overpaid, and Cleveland doesn’t possess any of their own first-round picks until 2020.

The instability within the front office only adds fuel to the flurry of reports that James will be putting Cleveland in his rearview mirror after finally bringing a title to Northeast Ohio.

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