Tim Tebow is a man of many talents: athlete, broadcaster, author, public speaker, philanthropist, evangelist. All he wants to do is pursue his interests and bring glory to God.

Yet, y’all keep hating.

In an age where a person can be ostracized for being positive, allow us to enumerate why you need to let #15 live. For instance, your argument that "he wasn't that great" in the NFL falls flat when you consider all the mediocre backup QBs still collecting checks. (Did someone say Mark Sanchez?) And you're just going to ignore how he showed up Kyle Orton in his second year with the Broncos and took the starting job? We just gonna forget about his 80-yard touchdown pass in OT in the wild-card win over the defending AFC champion Steelers? No quarterback under 30 in NFL history has won a playoff game and then never started another NFL game. It just doesn’t make sense, man.

So here are 10 reasons to get that Tebow hate out your heart.