What did Kevin Durant and LeBron James say to one another when the two superstars exchanged words during Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals last night? Following the Cleveland Cavaliers' 137-116 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Friday, Durant downplayed the incident, which resulted in both players receiving technical fouls. "We wasn't coming to blows," Durant said, according to Sports Illustrated's Ben Golliver. "We were just talking. The aura of the game created trash talk."

But what exactly did they say to one another?

That's what the people want to know, and since no one is coming forth with answers, we will just have to draw up our own conclusions. If the two were really talking trash, then they had to be taking shots at each other's appearance, right?

Maybe James was telling Durant what he really thought about him. 

Maybe LeBron was making an aggressive play to land Durant if the Cavs come back in this year's Finals.

The Cavaliers will try to stave off elimination one more night when the series heads back to Golden State for Game 5 on Monday. 

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