Lonzo Ball and his dad LaVar have spent most of the last week getting roasted on social media as a result of the $495 Big Baller Brand sneakers they unveiled. But is Lonzo letting it get to him? It sure doesn’t sound like it.

Late Sunday night, Lonzo—who has used social media to show off his rap skills in the past—took to Twitter to release his remix of Drake’s "Free Smoke." It features Lonzo rapping under the name ZO2 alongside DC the Don (the California rapper who created the song used in the video to announce Lonzo’s BBB sneakers) and includes lines like, "Give all my time just to make it happen/Now I’m spittin’ flames like I’m a fuckin’ dragon/In a couple months, man, I’ll be in a mansion/With my car clean and my diamonds dancin’."

When word started to spread that Lonzo had released a rap song—a rap song over a Drake beat, no less—the initial reaction was, well, not positive. But once people actually listened to the song, there were more than a few that seemed to enjoy it. Some even gave Lonzo credit for dropping a worthwhile verse, which is saying something when you consider that most pro athletes, outside of talented acts like Damian Lillard, get destroyed for trying to dip a toe into the rap world:

Of course, not everyone loved what they heard from Lonzo. Some people also told him to just stick to playing basketball:

But truthfully, his verse was way better than anyone expected it to be. You can check it out here:

You can also check out a few other clips of Lonzo freestyling below: