He only played in half his team's games last season, but football injuries were not going to stop Rob Gronkowski from getting in the ring at Wrestlemania 33.

Gronk was a front-row spectator at the beginning of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 33, but everyone's favorite party boy has clearly had enough of observing from the sideline.

New England's star tight end is a major wrestling fan, and he's also close friends with Mojo Rawley, who looked like he was going to lose the Battle Royal. Sensing a friend in need, Gronkowski climbed out of his spot in the front row and got down to business:

After laying the smackdown on Jinder Mahal, Gronk returned to his spot in the crowd and enjoyed the ringside view of his buddy Rawley earning the victory:

Football fans are already preparing for the backlash Gronk is going to face for stepping into the ring after missing most of New England's season:

If Gronkowski's NFL career doesn't end up working out, it looks like he might have a place in the ring. But for his sake, let's hope Bill Belichick is willing to go easy on him. We need more Gronk in the WWE, not less. 

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