Nothing to See Here, Just Rob Gronkowski Spiking a Cake On His Brother's Head

Classic Gronk

It seems as if Rob Gronkowski can't go anywhere these days without someone demanding him to spike something. So when Gronk and his band of giant brothers arrived at Surrender Nightclub in Las Vegas and a giant video screen with the words "Gronk Spike" across it made an appearance, the New England Patriots tight end really had no other options.

Fortunately, a Lombardi Trophy-shaped cake had made its way over to Gronk's table. Gronk took that opportunity to smash the cake over his brother's enormous, Gronk-sized head, because what else is he supposed to do with it? Eat it? He's got to watch his weight, you guys. That would be silly. 

Just another classic Gronk move from the guy we've all come to know and love. 

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[Via TMZ]


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