At this point, it seems like it would be pretty difficult for the prosecutors involved in Aaron Hernandez’s double murder trial to provide us with any information about Hernandez that would truly shock us. After all, the last few years have provided one shock after another when it’s come to the former Patriots player and his off-the-field legal issues. The one-time NFL star is likely going to serve a lifetime prison sentence for killing his former friend Odin Lloyd. And outside of that, we’ve also seen a wide range of crazy stories about everything from Hernandez’s gang-related tattoos to the many jailhouse letters he has written to admirers.

But earlier this week, Hernandez’s double murder trial—which involves a case that police reopened after Hernandez was found guilty of murdering Lloyd—started. Hernandez stands accused of killing two men and wounding another during a drive-by shooting outside of a Boston club back in July 2012. And while the prosecution hasn’t had much time to lay out their entire case against Hernandez just yet, they have presented some shocking details about the murders of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, which allegedly took place following an altercation between Hernandez and the men inside of the club. Here are just a few of the things they've shared so far:

  • The prosecution claims Hernandez shot at a car de Abrueu and Furtado were driving in because one of the men bumped into him inside of the club they were at and spilled a drink on him.
  • Hernandez’s former friend Alexander Bradley—who was with Hernandez on the night in question—told police Hernandez taunted the victims after shooting them. The prosecution claims he yelled "What’s up now?" at them.
  • Bradley also reportedly told police Hernandez bragged about his aim after firing a gun five times into de Abrueu and Furtado’s vehicle. "I got one in the chest," Hernandez reportedly said. "I got one in the head."
  • Hernandez reportedly got angry at Bradley during a trip to Florida in February 2013 when he made a comment about the alleged killing after Hernandez pointed out what he thought were several cops in a club. "Yeah, they probably are," Bradley said, "and probably because of the effed up stuff you did in Boston last summer."
  • Bradley told police he would cooperate with them after Hernandez allegedly attempted to shoot and kill him during that trip to Florida. Hernandez allegedly shot Bradley in the head and left him for dead in a parking lot because of the comment he made about the cops.

The defense in the case is arguing that the prosecution doesn’t have any scientific evidence that proves Hernandez killed de Abreu and Furtado. They are also arguing that Alexander, who is their key witness, is a violent criminal with a drug-dealing past who cannot be trusted, even though evidence has shown he was clearly with Hernandez on the night de Abreu and Furtado were murdered.

But still, these details are obviously crazy and prove that Hernandez probably isn’t done shocking us. And according to those who have attended the trial thus far, his behavior in the courtroom has been pretty shocking as well:

The jurors in the trial were scheduled to tour the murder scene as well as the club where Hernandez and the men were at prior to the alleged shooting on Friday morning:

The trial is expected to last between four and six weeks before a verdict is reached.