It's no secret that police have been looking into a possible connection between Aaron Hernandez and a double murder that took place in Boston outside of a nightclub called Cure back in 2012. Just last week, a warrant that was obtained by the Hartford Courant suggested that police were trying to piece together a case against Hernandez with regards to the drive-by shooting that ended with two men getting shot and killed. However, things may be getting worse for Hernandez, as police now believe that Hernandez "may have been the shooter" in that crime.

A new search warrant affidavit that was filed back in June 2013 but released earlier today seems to suggest that police are trying to see if they can pin the double murder on Hernandez. They searched a Toyota 4Runner that they believe was used in the shooting before being stashed at Hernandez's uncle's house following the murder. It's unclear what they found in the 4Runner. But a detective did make it a point to mention that Hernandez may have been the shooter in the warrant.

"There is also probably cause to believe that Aaron Hernandez was operating the suspect vehicle used in the shooting homicides of Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado and may have been the shooter," the detective wrote in the warrant.

The warrant does not mention specifics as far as what was found in the 4Runner that led the detective to point out that Hernandez may have been the shooter. But just like last week's warrant, this warrant doesn't make things sound very good for Hernandez. We'll just have to wait and see if the police decide to pursue real legal action against Hernandez sometime in the near future.

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