Remember Aaron Hernandez's ex-best friend Alexander Bradley? If not, let us refresh your memory. He's the guy Hernandez allegedly shot in the face (!) back in February 2013. And earlier today, he took the witness stand to offer up some testimony during Hernandez's trial.

Pretty much everything Bradley said was incredibly shocking, too. According to tweets sent out by Sports Illustrated reporter Michael McCann, Bradley started things off by talking about how Hernandez kept a box in his basement that contained marijuana and a gun:

Then, he revealed that Hernandez was paranoid about people using iPhones in his presence:

Next, he brought up the fact that Hernandez purchased up to four ounces of marijuana from him every week and that he often chain-smoked weed:

And finally, Bradley admitted that he spent a lot of time hanging out at Hernandez's home:

It's worth noting that Bradley testified that the gun he saw in Hernandez's box in the basement was not a Glock, which is what was used to kill Odin Lloyd:

But it doesn't seem as though Bradley held back much during his testimony. The one thing he wasn't allowed to talk about was the time Hernandez allegedly shot him:

But he's still on the stand now, so we'll be sure to let you know if he says anything else about Hernandez.

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[via @McCannSportsLaw]