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After Super Bowl LI in Houston ended late Sunday night, Tom Brady should have been too busy celebrating to worry about where his game jersey was. After all, he had just helped the Patriots complete the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. So the only thing that should have been on Brady’s mind was knocking back champagne with his teammates and talking about what they had just accomplished.

But after he took the podium to accept the Lombardi Trophy and the Super Bowl MVP award, Brady made his way back to the New England locker room. And when he did, he realized that his jersey wasn’t where he left it. According to writer Dan Hanzus, that led Brady to conduct a frantic search in the Patriots’ locker room for the jersey. Brady and two large bodyguards looked everywhere for it—to no avail.

Here's footage of Brady reacting to the lost jersey, courtesy of ThePostGame:

Brady was actually so worked up about the jersey that, when Patriots owner Robert Kraft made his way down to the locker room to congratulate him, it was one of the first things Brady told him. "Somebody stole my game jersey!" Brady said.

"Are you serious?" Kraft replied. "Well, you better look online."

Kraft actually knows a thing or two about having important Super Bowl memorabilia stolen, having once lost one of his Super Bowl rings during a visit with Russian president Vladimir Putin. So you would think he would be a little bit more sympathetic. But he didn’t look or sound that worried with regards to Brady’s stolen jersey.

Maybe the jersey will turn up somewhere soon. Maybe not. Either way, there’s no way anyone can take away what Brady was able to do on Sunday night. Though it would be nice to commemorate it by sending his Super Bowl jersey to Canton to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame forever.