Robert Kraft got his jewlery—his Super Bowl ring, specifically— stolen when he visited Russian president Vladimir Putin. Or maybe he didn't. Putin said he got that ring as a gift.

But since Kraft is making such a big fuss about it, Putin decided make a replica to shut him up:

You know, I don’t remember either Mr. Kraft, or the ring...But if it is such a big treasure for Mr. Kraft and the team, I have a suggestion.”

I will ask one of our businesses to make a really good and big thing, so everyone will see it is a luxury piece, made of quality metal and with a stone, so this piece will be passed from generation to generation in the team...This would be the smartest solution partners can ever achieve while tackling such a complicated international problem.

So first off, Putin doesn't even remember meeting the owner of one of the most hated sports franchises in America. He doesn't even remember the ring, which is the very thing grown American men cry over. It's like he's making the replica ring because all this attention is becoming a nuisance.

What's a treasure in the American sports world is what Putin says he could "could kill someone with." He's clearly on a whole different wavelength.

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[via Gawker]