The beef is over! Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are officially friends again! You can put away your cupcake T-shirts and…

Er, OK. So maybe we wouldn’t go that far. But shortly after Westbrook checked into the 2017 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night (it’s still a crime that he didn’t start!), he was on the receiving end of an alley-oop from KD.

And naturally, everyone who was watching the game went wild and suggested that the alley-oop is proof that KD and Russ are back on good terms after everything that transpired when KD left the Thunder for the Warriors last summer. Here’s just a small sample of all the "friends again!" tweets that were sent out in the aftermath of the alley-oop:

Serge Ibaka, who played with KD and Westbrook in Oklahoma City, also had this to say:

So are they really friends again? Doubtful. But whatever the case, the Western Conference bench sure was excited to see them on the same page for one play:

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