Strange things happen during the FA cup and the recent match between Sutton United and AFC Wimbledon was no exception. The weird stuff usually occurs on the pitch, but Paul Doswell, the Sutton United manager, was caught on camera vaping during the action. Managing can be stressful and relaxation is necessary, but maybe this wasn’t the best time to get a few quick puffs in?

Of course, the Internet had a field day with this revelation and decided to get their shots in on how bizarre the entire scene was:

You just don’t see stuff like this in other sports, and Sutton’s chairman, Bruce Elliott​, later explained how it is that Doswell has the freedom to puff away in an interview with the Telegram. "We don’t pay him. It’s unique. Actually, not only do we not pay him a penny, he sponsors us. So he’s actually paying us to be our manager," Elliot said. "That’s how much he loves this club."

So, with that information, it’s easy to see why the organization isn’t really up in arms over their coach’s vaping habit. In fact, when you’re helping keep the lights on, you can probably do just about anything that you want.