Seahawks and Rams fans weren't the only ones beating each other's asses on Sunday afternoon. Much to the surprise of, well, no one, Raiders fans did it, too. Except they didn't take their frustrations out on Falcons fans during Oakland's 35-28 loss to Atlanta. Instead, they took them out on one another.

In the clip above, you can see a small, slightly delusional Raiders fan in a Derek Carr jersey bop a pair of sunglasses and a hat off the head of a significantly larger Raiders fan. We don't know what he was thinking and what he thought might happen next, but his actions obviously pissed the larger fan off and it resulted in that fan and one of his friends sending a series of uppercuts and sucker punches in the smaller fan's direction. Within just a few seconds, the guy was out cold on the ground.

Lest you feel bad for the smaller fan, it's important to note that he did start the fight. You can clearly hear another fan saying, "He deserved it, let it go," as the fan got up and stumbled away at the end of the video.

While just about every NFL game is sure to feature a number of crazy people fighting in the stands, this particular fight was especially egregious because it featured three guys who were all pulling for the same team. We're not sure what happened in the minutes leading up to the fight, but in cases like this, it's important to remember the famous words of Abraham Lincoln, who surely had the future loyalties of NFL fan bases in mind when he said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

C'mon, Raiders fans. This is supposed to be the year your team finally turns it around. Be better than this.