On Wednesday, DeSean Jackson received a fine for wearing a pair of special-edition cleats that the NFL apparently didn’t approve of during the Redskins' game against the Panthers on Monday night, and he sounded off about it on Instagram:

Jackson wasn’t the only NFL wide receiver to get fined for doing it, either. The NFL has been going after guys all season long for wearing custom cleats, and it seems that, in addition to fining the Redskins' wideout, they also fined Odell Beckham Jr. for the footwear he wore on Sunday against the Lions.

Beckham wore a pair of cleats in honor of Craig Sager that were auctioned off after the game to benefit cancer research. But according to him, the NFL didn’t care that they were for a good cause and fined him anyway. He left this comment on Jackson’s Instagram page on Wednesday afternoon:

Odell Beckham Jr. leaves an Instagram message on DeSean Jackson's page.
Image via Instagram

Beckham continued on Thursday morning by responding to a fan who sent out a tweet about his fine. He seemed to take issue with the fact that the NFL didn’t warn him for wearing the cleats and said that he feels the NFL has "no respect" for the message he was trying to send with his Sager shoes:

Beckham also retweeted this message from SportsNet New York reporter Taylor Rooks:

This comes just a few days after Beckham questioned the NFL’s decision not to fine Ezekiel Elliott for jumping into a Salvation Army kettle as part of a touchdown celebration on Sunday night. He thinks that he would have been treated much differently by the league if he had done something like that, and, well, he’s probably not wrong. The NFL does seem to enjoy fining Beckham, and there’s a good chance he would have been docked some pay if he had used a Salvation Army kettle as a prop during a celebration.

At any rate, Beckham and the Giants will take the field against the Eagles on Thursday night with a playoff berth on the line. We wouldn’t expect to see Beckham in any crazy cleats, but then again, this is OBJ we’re talking about so we also wouldn’t put it past him.