It's no secret that Joel Embiid is a huge Rick Ross fan. In a 2014 interview with Billboard, Embiid talked about how he became a huge fan of Rozay after he came to the United States. "And then when I got to the States, that’s when I really got into all those guys—Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, all those guys. My favorite used to be Lil Wayne, but now I think it’s Rick Ross or Drake," he said. “Before games and sometimes practice, I like something with a dope beat. Like Rick Ross, when he’s just like, ‘RUH!,’ all that stuff. That’s what I love before games. I can’t listen to Drake before games, [but] Rick Ross gets you hyped." 

During Friday's game between the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers, ESPN aired a clip where D'Angelo Russell recalled his interactions with Embiid when they attended the same high school, Montverde Academy, and how he believes rap music helped him learn English.  

"He didn’t really know a lot of English, but he was a fan of Rick Ross," D'Angelo said. "I remember any time you would talk to him, he would just say a big Rick Ross quote. I think music really helped his English, you know." Oh man, seeing Embiid break out a Ross quote back in high school would've been great. Too bad Russell didn't recor– ...nevermind

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