D’Angelo Russell Reportedly Posted the Nick Young Video on Snapchat

This would explain how the Nick Young video that D’Angelo Russell took leaked out.

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Ever since a video that D’Angelo Russelltook of Nick Young admitting to cheating on Iggy Azalea leaked out, people have been wondering where exactly it came from. Did Russell himself leak it? Did someone hack into his phone and take it? Was it part of some sort of intricate extortion plot? As it turns out, it might not be as complicated as that.

According to Bleacher Report senior writer Kevin Ding, Russell posted the video on Snapchatmost likely in DM form—and didn’t realize that other people would be able to save it. Ding has been told that Young thought he could put the video up as a prank and then take it down, but it obviously didn’t work out that way for him.

“He thought that he could post this and take it down right away and no one would ever see it, no one would ever save it,” Ding said in a video published here. “He and Nick had been joking around, trying to prank each other, and this obviously went too far. They’ve learned the hard way, both of them, that if you rig your phone a certain way, you can switch the app and save videos on Snapchat. It’s gotten out there obviously, and it’s much to both of their surprise. D’Angelo especially is realizing that you can’t mess around and hope you can get away with certain things. A lot of people are watching everything you’re doing.”

More than a few people have responded to this report by pointing out that Snapchat videos can only be 10 seconds long and not 30 seconds like the Nick Young video is:

how did D'Angelo Russell get his snapchat video to be 30 seconds is the real question...

— Al Feury (@alfeury) March 30, 2016

But if Russell is the one who's ultimately responsible for the video getting out into the world, doesn't that make this whole situation even worse for him?

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