Cleveland fans were in the mood to celebrate yesterday when the Browns finally won a game after flirting with finishing the season at 0-16. No team has reached that milestone of terrible play since the Detroit Lions in 2008. However, one weatherman is possibly happier than the players themselves.

Scott Sabol handles the weather at the Fox affiliate in Cleveland and he vowed that he wouldn’t shave again through the end of the season until the Browns won a game. Yesterday, his 109-day battle with rugged facial hair ended with a 20-17 victory in First Energy Stadium.

Times didn’t look so great in the fourth quarter as Cleveland stalled on drive after drive. The Browns also lost their starting quarterback to a concussion. Twitter was buzzing with the thought of a classic sports collapse on Christmas Eve. But, there would be no feasting on the tears of the city’s fans Saturday.

As the final minutes ticked away down by Lake Erie, the weatherman took a moment to celebrate the sweet moment of vindication that will come tomorrow when the beard will be vanquished on set in front of the entire city. Sabol even had some fun tweeting as Josh Lambo missed the potential game-tying field goal at the end of regulation.

Cleveland may have been dubbed the City of Champions in June, but kudos to the Browns for keeping the region humble. Escaping a winless season and putting one man’s facial hair nightmare to rest once and for all is pretty dope. Who says that there aren’t Christmas miracles?