Just prior to Brock Lesnar's UFC 200 showdown against Mark Hunt, he tested positive for the estrogen blocker clomiphene, which is a banned substance. It was later revealed that he also failed a test about two weeks before the fight. So while Lesnar shocked Hunt by winning their UFC 200 fight, it ended up coming at an expense for him. The Nevada State Athletic Commission just announced they are fining Lesnar $250,000 and suspending him from MMA competition for a year.

Lesnar banked a then-UFC record purse of $2.5 million for participating in the fight, so the fine will be for 10 percent of that. His suspension will be retroactive to July, meaning he'll be eligible to fight again in about seven months. Additionally, his victory over Hunt will be changed to a "no contest," though that's unlikely to placate Hunt who called Lesnar a "motherfucker" and a "white piece of shit" during an interview following the fight. Hunt also threatened to leave the UFC over Lesnar's failed drug tests once they become public knowledge.

Lesnar is yet to respond to the fine and suspension. But if his MMA career wasn't already over, this probably just ended it.