Boxers have never really been known for their social tact during their pre-fight press conferences,  so this fight between British heavyweights Dereck Chisora and Dillian Whyte—though completely f*cking outrageous—isn't nearly as shocking and out of place as it would be at, say, The Masters. Still, it's always noteworthy when fighters conduct themselves in a way that'd make Conor McGregor's press conference behavior look downright civil by comparison. And that's pretty much exactly what you have here.


Chisora grew angry during a press conference held on Wednesday to promote his fight with Whyte. Whyte lobbed a series of insults at him, and he didn't appreciate it. So he responded to those insults by lobbing back something else—an entire table!

This is reportedly not the first time the two men have had an impromptu brawl, as they also had to be separated while filming a show for Sky Sports in early 2016:

The two men will have their official fight—the one they'll actually get paid for—when they face-off for the British heavyweight title on Saturday night. We had no idea this was even occurring, like, an hour ago, but believe it or not, all of a sudden we're interested. Funny how that works when tables get thrown.