Remember how crazy things got back in September when Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez faced off at the first UFC 205 press conference? With two days to go until the main event, the intensity has been ratcheted up a few notches, and during the final UFC 205 press conference on Thursday, it almost led to a confrontation between the two fighters.

McGregor was extremely late for the press conference, which shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider that it seems like he’s always late for his press conferences. But it led to Alvarez taking a bunch of shots at him before McGregor even took the stage, and he directed those shots at McGregor’s Irish fans who were in attendance:

McGregor’s fans responded by booing Alvarez relentlessly, and eventually, it got to be too much for Alvarez and he left the stage, leaving Dana White without either of his main event fighters at the press conference:

Good times!

A short time later, Alvarez reemerged and rejoined the press conference, but McGregor still wasn’t there. So Alvarez continued to take shots at him until—finally!—McGregor made his entrance. And what an entrance it was:

McGregor snatched Alvarez’s belt off the table and put it on his table, which then prompted Alvarez to go and snatch McGregor’s belt and put it on his table. And that led to this:

Yes, that is one of the faces of the UFC trying to go after an opponent with a chair. Dana White stepped in before McGregor could do any damage, and McGregor responded by wondering how much he would have been fined for hitting Alvarez with a chair in light of the $150,000 fine he received for throwing bottles at Nate Diaz before a press conference earlier this year:

From there, McGregor did what McGregor does best and talked all sorts of trash to Alvarez. He said this when he was asked about the derogatory comments Alvarez made about his Irish fans:

He said this when Alvarez told him he wanted an apology for some things McGregor said about his wife and kids:

And when McGregor and Alvarez had to pose for a photo at the end of the press conference, it was, as you might expect, tense. White wouldn’t even let the two guys touch one another:

Sooooooo Saturday night should be fun, eh?