Everybody has an opinion by now about Colin Kaepernick opting to not stand and honor the American flag during the national anthem. The discourse regarding his political stance has been amplified much more when the 49ers quarterback recently admitted that he chose to not vote for any presidential candidate on the ballot for Election Day earlier this month.

Kaepernick is a screaming target for criticism from celebrities, sports figures, and fans. The NFL RedZone is now in the mix of Kaepernick controversy courtesy of one of the cable channel's hosts Scott Hanson after the self-proclaimed proud Christian made a smug comment about the 49ers quarterback during his play-by-play recap commentary of Sunday's New England vs. San Francisco game, which the Patriots won 30-17.

In the clip above, you will hear Hanson speak in jest about Kaepernick rushing the ball from out of the pocket:

"At 1st and 10, it's a pass play, but Kaepernick doesn't like what he sees. So he pump-fakes and swoops down the field. Boy, he's got some speed, not weighed down at all by that 'I Voted' sticker."

Damn, Scott just had to go there, huh? And to explain his comment, Hanson tweeted this below not long afterwards.

Well, even though he deemed his comment about Kaepernick as non-political, the #freecountry hashtag sure does seem patriotic in reference to the Constitution's First Amendment about free speech.

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