While Cubs fans are absolutely ecstatic right now after watching their team win the World Series for the first time in 108 years on Wednesday night, Indians fans are crushed. Their team had a dream season that almost culminated in the second major championship for the city of Cleveland in 2016, and many of them can’t believe how close it nearly came to happening.

Unfortunately, though, someone had to lose the epic Game 7 that was played on Wednesday, and that team was the Indians. But after the game ended, LeBron James, who has shown a massive amount of support for the Indians throughout the 2016 postseason, sent a message to the team and told them not to get too down about the loss. He has some experience when it comes to bouncing back from a heartbreaking loss on the biggest stage, and in a video posted on Uninterrupted, he delivered some words of encouragement to the Cleveland players.

"Just want to congratulate the Indians on an unbelievable season," LeBron said. "You guys did something that nobody would ever think you guys could do, and we’re very proud of you. The whole Cavs organization, all the fans, the whole city of Cleveland—we’re all proud of you guys. You guys got nothing to hang your heads low about. Use this as inspiration to get ready for next year."

LeBron also congratulated the Cubs on their historic win. "The first one in, I think it’s 100-plus years," he said. "Magical season for y’all. You guys were the best team in baseball all year, and you guys showed why. Much respect to both ball clubs. Like I said, congratulations to the Chicago Cubs and much respect to my hometown Cleveland Indians. Looking forward to seeing you guys back out there next year."

LeBron has caught some heat for showing so much support for the Indians when, in the past, he has been very vocal about how the Yankees are actually his favorite MLB team. But the Cavaliers’ overall support for the Indians helped to make the World Series even more fun than it would have been otherwise. So it’s cool to see him share these thoughts with both teams.