Former NFL player Darren Sharper has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles. As part of a global plea deal to resolve the sexual assault accusations made by as many as 16 women in four states, Sharper's latest prison term will run congruent with the 18-year sentence he received from a New Orleans federal court earlier this year. 

After Sharper was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of sexual assault in January 2014, women from Nevada, Arizona, and Louisiana came forth, claiming they were also drugged and raped by Sharper. In two separate reports obtained by LAPD detectives, one women discussed an incident on October 30, 2013 where she met the former NFL safety through a mutual friend, and at around 2 a.m., he asked her to come to go with him to his hotel room "so he could get something." Once they were in the room, Sharper poured her a drink, and was "insistent that she drink it." When she woke up naked, he was on top of her, and "continued having sex with her." 

Two other women told detectives of a encounter with Sharper on January 15, 2014 after meeting him at a party at a Hollywood Hills home. Before heading to another party, Sharper told the women that he “had to go to his hotel room and pick something up." When they arrived, he made them vodka and cranberry juice shots while they were in the bathroom. After declining the drinks, "Sharper kept asking them to take the shots." The two said they blacked out within 10 minutes, and woke up on a pullout bed in the living room. "One of the women said she felt pain in her vagina; the other 'couldn't remember anything.,'" per the Los Angeles Times

Sharper has been behind bars since February 2014. 

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