Old finisher: Pedigree Pandemonium
New finisher: Pedigree

When Triple H debuted in WWE, he was a completely different character. He was Hunter Hearst Helmsley, a blue blooded snot from Greenwich, Conn. who would curtsy in the ring after winning his matches. For a number of his early matches, he used a finisher that he called the Pedigree Pandemonium. 

He stopped using it, however, because it was identical to Diamond Dallas Page’s Diamond Cutter. DDP called Helmsley personally, requesting that he stop performing the move—Page didn’t want the younger wrestler overshadowing his push. Triple H agreed, and it all turned out for the best. Both men went on to become main eventers, and Triple H’s new double underhook facebuster, re-christened the Pedigree, was a far better fit for him.