On Sunday morning—at an hour when most people were probably still fast asleep—the Giants and Rams faced off in a game in London. During the game, Eli Manning appeared to try and switch up a play by screaming "Trump!" over and over again, just like when his brother Peyton used to yell out "Omaha!" Here's a clip of him doing it:

CBS color commentator Dan Fouts noticed what Manning said during the game and mentioned it on-air, but when Manning was asked about what we all clearly heard, he denied using Donald Trump's name as part of an audible. "Trump? Trump? No, no Trump, no Trump calls," he said. "We are using something very similar. But there is not a Trump, not an audible we are using. Nothing there, nothing there."

What "something very similar" is remains a mystery since Manning refused to elaborate. But we should point out that, if Manning and the Giants are using "Trump" as an audible, they're not alone. After the Patriots game against the Steelers on Sunday, Tom Brady revealed that the Patriots use it, too. They also have an audible that features Hillary Clinton's name:

The Giants have a bye week and won't play again until two days before the presidential election. We'll have to wait until then to see if "Trump!"—or whatever Manning was saying—makes a return.