It’s only been about three months now since Nick Young and Iggy Azalea broke up, but it looks like both of them have moved on with their lives despite their messy split that included reports about Young getting his ex-girlfriend Keonna Green pregnant while he was engaged to Iggy. The two were reportedly in contact with one another as recently as just a few weeks ago—Gilbert Arenas called Young out for talking to Iggy on the phone in a NSFW Snapchat video—but just last week, Iggy was spotted kissing French Montana on a boat while the two were on vacation together. French also made an appearance on Iggy’s Instagram page a short time later, which seemed to confirm that there’s something going on between them:

French and Iggy have been pretty quiet with regards to the possibility of a romantic relationship, but if they are dating, it doesn’t sound like Young has any issue with it. TMZ Sports caught up with him on Wednesday and asked him his thoughts on Iggy dating French, and he said that it doesn’t bother him at all.

"I’m happy," he said. "It clears my mind. I wish they get married."


Sarcastic? Maybe. Er, okay, after watching the video again, definitely. But with another child on the way, it seems Swaggy P has no choice but to move on at this point. TMZ Sports also asked him what would happen if he ever crossed paths with French, and Young downplayed it and said that he plans on picking up the rapper’s latest project, MC4.

"I'ma buy his album," Young said.

You can check out Young’s brief TMZ Sports interview in the video above. In other break-up news, isn’t it weird to see Swaggy proudly wearing a Lakers shirt when all signs point to the team trading or cutting him sometime in the coming weeks?