Kevin Love just donated a large sum of money to UCLA—the school he attended for one year before entering the 2008 NBA Draft—to help construct the new Mo Ostin Basketball Center, which will now feature The Kevin Love Strength and Conditioning Center. To announce his decision to donate the money, the Cavaliers star wrote a long post for The Players’ Tribune that features a bunch of stories about Love’s time at UCLA.

One of the stories details Love’s first visit to John Wooden’s home and what that was like for him. Another story sees Love discussing the first time he met Russell Westbrook and writing about how Westbrook clowned the backpack he was carrying around. But the best story in the piece is about the epic battles Love and Westbrook used to have after they agreed to be roommates on the road. Love liked the temperature in their hotel rooms to be on the colder side, while Westbrook liked it to be hot. And it ultimately led to a situation where Love and Westbrook—who was a "stubborn" teammate, according to Love—would go back and forth to try and get their way with the temperature.

Here’s the story:

Our thermostat battles would go something like this….

"Minimum 74," he’d say.

I needed the room cold. Around 68 was perfect.

At night, Russ would jump up from bed and turn the dial way up—and then five minutes later I would sneak over and turn it back down.

One time I offered a compromise—"How ‘bout 71 degrees?"

"Seventy-three," Russ replied. "Final offer."

See what I mean? Dude is stubborn.

Love said it was a little like this scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm:

Ha. Living with Westbrook sounds like hell. Literally. Seventy-four degrees, dude?!

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