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Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert is turning into Oprah Winfrey with his team's 2016 NBA championship rings. According to, Gilbert is going to give rings to "more than 1,000 full and part-time employees." So don't be surprised if you see a video surface of Gilbert walking around Quicken Loans Arena, giving rings to everyone from ticket takers to seat ushers to local police officers while screaming, "You get a ring! You get a ring! Everybody gets a ring!" 

Employees, which includes those working for the Cavaliers, the Monsters of the American Hockey League, people inside The Q, and for the arena's food service vendor Aramark, learned that they were receiving rings at a yearly company event called the "Spectaculars" earlier this month. The meeting is meant to recognize the contributions of their workforce, but it was also where they were told about the rings headed their way.  

Of course, it should be noted that a majority of these employees will not receive the same type of ring that will be presented to the likes of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and Tyronn Lue. But that doesn't mean Cavs' ownership isn't shelling out a decent amount of money for this jewelry. "A conservative cost for distributing rings to employees is more than $1 million," per

Considering these employees were probably expecting nothing more than a simple and possibly heartfelt "thank you" for their services throughout the Cavs' playoff run, this has to feel like a great reward for all their hard work.  

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