J.R. Smith has been nothing short of a legend since helping the Cleveland Cavaliers win their first NBA championship in franchise history in June. Wait, what we saying? Swish has always been a legend!

Over the last two months, though, Smith's legend has grown exponentially. Just hours after winning the title, the 30-year-old wore his heart on his sleeve, delivering one of the most heartfelt press conferences we have seen in quite some time. Then, Swish lost his shirt for a few days, and people were (inexplicably) losing their minds. During the Cavs' championship parade, J.R. turned a fan's sign indicating that he would vote for Swish over Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in this year's Presidential Election into a fire shirt. Oh, and he signed a pipe. Like we said, Smith's legend is at an all-time high. 

But Smith's pièce de résistance during this time may have been when the Cavaliers made a quick pit stop to XS Nightclub in Las Vegas before heading back to Cleveland. The detour really let J.R. be J.R. 

As the video shows, Smith really let the champagne flow while in Vegas. But just how much are we talking, in terms of dollars? According to Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins, it was a lot of money. Like, a ridiculous amount of money. 

On June 20, around 3 a.m. at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, the Cavaliers lost track of him. While they toasted their title poolside at XS Nightclub—where Smith sprayed $23,000 worth of champagne, according to credible estimates—James slipped out the door. He wound up at Allegro, an Italian restaurant on the casino floor, sitting silently over a Margherita pizza.

Smith celebrating like he may never have this moment again. That's how you gotta do it. 

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