Ever since he first entered the NBA out of high school in the 2004 NBA Draft, J.R. Smith has never been what you would call a "coach's player." Mercurial, polarizing, and hyper-talented, Smith is just as explosive off-the-court as he is on it, often giving head coaches and league officials headaches for all sorts of reasons. Most recently, Smith has found himself in the news for all the wrong reasons once again. The 2013 Sixth Man of the Year will start the 2014 home. He was suspended five games for violating the NBA's substance abuse policy—weed to be exact. But for as much as these guys might dislike him, fans across the NBA can't get enough of the one they call Swoosh. 

Known for his high-flying, and high-scoring abilities, Smith's rim-rocking dunks, clutch baskets, and unpredictable personality make him one of the most appealing players in the L. This guy isn't afraid to make a statement, and it's more than likely that he'll be able to back it up. To show you what we mean, we put together A History of J.R. Smith's Most Badass Moments. Whether he's driving a tank around Manhattan or calling out Kobe Bryant on Twitter, we've just got two words for Mr. Earl Joseph Smith: never change.

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