Kobe Bryant has more time on his hands to spend with his family now that he's retired. So he took his family to Disneyland this past Sunday to celebrate his post-retirement.

Star athletes of yore used to tell reporters they're going to Disney World or Disneyland upon winning a championship. But Kobe obviously isn't winning a championship this year, and Disneyland is in his neck of the woods in Anaheim, just about 45 minutes to an hour from his L.A.-area residence. Therefore, a family trip to nearby Disneyland seems like a natural choice.

And, just as naturally so, fans who saw the Bryant family freaked out to no avail. They even started chanting "MVP." He probably won't be the MVP of the 2015-2016, but the fans acted like the Lakers legend deserves that respect, similar to former U.S. presidents who are still called "Mr. President" by their constituents.

We wonder is Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck joined in the "MVP" chants upon sight of the Black Mamba as well.

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