Odell Beckham Jr. isn’t the only pro athlete getting previews of new Drake music.

As we told you recently, Raptors players Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan appear on the latest SLAM cover alongside Drake, who is, of course, the Raptors’ “Global Ambassador.” And while Drake didn’t participate in the interview for the cover story, his name obviously came up, with DeRozan revealing that the rapper texts the two Toronto stars pretty frequently.

“He texts me and Kyle in our group chat after games and all that,” DeRozan said. “He’s really supportive of what we’re doing, and vice versa.”

When pressed further, Lowry admitted that the three have an ongoing group chat—“A lot of time, it’s not even about basketball,” DeRozan added—and both players revealed that Drake gives them previews of some of the music that he’s working on from time to time. Not that that’s the extent of their relationship with him.

“No bullcrap,” Lowry said, “it’s really a friendship. That makes it a lot better. It’s not like we’re calling him to be like, ‘Yo, we need this…’ Nah, we can just call him and be like, ‘What you doing, dog?’ Have a conversation. ‘Let’s go get dinner.’”

You can check out the rest of the new SLAM cover story here. The two also talk about the recent success of the Raptors, the funniest player on the team (it’s not who you think!), and Drake’s skills on the basketball court.

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[via SLAM]