Last week Drew Rosenhaus, a 27-year sports agency vet who's negotiated two billion bucks in NFL contracts, warned Johnny Manziel that he'd let go of him as a client if he didn't take "immediate steps" to "get the treatment [he needs]." The agent gave him a five-day window to take those "steps." Instead, this past weekend, Manziel was spotted at Coachella hanging out in a ball pit, looking like he was in anything but playing shape. Today Rosenhaus made good on his threat and dropped the troubled free agent quarterback.

Rosenhaus's termination of their working relationship makes him the second agent this offseason to cut ties with Manziel. Additionally, Manziel becomes the first player Rosenhaus has fired in his, again, 27-year career.

We'd say this is probably, finally, rock bottom for the former Heisman winner. But then we're not sure how we'll end the next article we're sure to write about him tomorrow, or the next day, or over the weekend, etc.

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