Marshawn Lynch was in a great mood earlier this week when he first arrived in Egypt as part of the American Football Without Barriers program. He was spotted bumping Bay Area rap and ghost riding a camel (yes, a camel!) on his first day there. But it looks like a fan managed to make him mad during a trip to the Cairo American College.

According to the YouTube description of the video above, the fan that you see in it challenged Lynch to a game of 1-on-1. Lynch started things off by shooting an airball, and despite the fan’s obvious height advantage, he responded by taking the ball and sinking a jumper. Beast Mode seemed to take offense to it, so after he gave the ball back to the fan, he asked him why he shot a jumper instead of taking the ball to the hole. Then, he stole the ball from the fan, threw down a dunk (the rim only appeared to be about eight feet off the ground), and walked off the court. It doesn't look like he came back, either.

You can see the whole scene play out in the clip at the top, and you can check out another angle of Beast Mode’s dunk here:

Um, so maybe don’t try to show Lynch up on the basketball court?!

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