Over the last few years, LeBron James’ name has been connected to Batman on several occasions. There was the time he talked about wanting to play Batman in a movie one day. The time he said that Michael Jordan and Batman were his two biggest inspirations growing up. And of course, the time that he (kind of) dressed like Batman for a game. It seems LeBron is one of Batman’s biggest fans.

But last night, LeBron took his love for Batman to a strange new level when he posted this drawing of him dressed up as Batman on Instagram along with a quote from Batman Begins:

It confused—and amused—everyone:

And it's the latest in a long line of strange social media posts LeBron has put up over the last week. From these tweets that stirred up some controversy:

To this Instagram video that featured LeBron yelling:

To the random quotes that LeBron has started posting on his Twitter timeline:

LeBron’s social media presence has gotten…weird. He attempted to explain why today:

It probably won’t last much longer, though. LeBron stays off his social media accounts once the NBA Playoffs start, so enjoy the sudden surge in his social media activity while you can. Even if you have absolutely no idea what half of the posts that he’s putting up these days are supposed to mean.

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