Earlier this week, former NFL player Austen Lane took to Twitter to reveal some of the absurd questions that he was asked during the NFL Combine back in 2010. One of them was: “Do you find your mother attractive?”

That seems like just about the weirdest question you could ask a football player about their mom (er, or maybe not?). But for whatever reason, there’s some NFL team out there that keeps coming back to it! It was weird when the team asked Lane for an answer to that question a few years back, but it seems the team is still doing it, according to this tweet sent out by CBS Sports reporter Dane Brugler:

Um, what? Like, how do you even go about answering that question if you’re an NFL prospect? And furthermore, what answer are NFL executives looking for? It’s certainly not the weirdest question we’ve heard come out of the Combine, except that…maybe it is? Please stop asking it, guys.

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[via Pro Football Talk]