The NFL Combine begins tonight giving you your annual opportunity to watch guys run wind sprints on NFL Network and also hear the utterly insane questions asked by actual NFL teams that get leaked to the media. In the past we had learned that Dez Bryant was asked if his mother was a prostitute, and also that Manti Te'o was asked if he was gay due to his invisible girlfriend. Today former four-year veteran defensive tackle Austen Lane remembered his interview experience when more than one organization at the sport's highest level wondered how he'd murder somebody, and also whether he thought his mom was hot:

Presumably he answered some of these questions incorrectly, as he dropped from a projected third-rounder to the fifth-round. Anyway, it'll be fun to see what completely inappropriate queries get asked again this year.

We should hear about them in the next week or two.

[via @A_Train_92]

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