Last year we found out the FBI was investigating a bonkers drug ring that was led by former USC tight end Owen “O-Dog” Hanson. The ring is said to have employed intense "scare tactics," including one that would make ISIS proud, by using a beheading video to try and intimidate a guy into laundering drug proceeds.

Then, last month, we learned that former NFL running back (and three-time Super Bowl winner) Derek Loville also allegedly played a major role in the ring, facilitating massive deals in Arizona, as well as collecting debts. Now the FBI is expanding their probe by checking into a contact list of Hanson's that involves the names of many major athletes from many different sports. 

Last week three FBI agents paid a visit to one of those athletes, 10-year-veteran and four-time Pro-Bowl tight end Jeremy Shockey, who was questioned about his long-time friendship with Hanson. Back in 2010 Shockey and Hanson took a trip together to Costa Rica. They also frequently flew back and forth from LA (where Hanson lived) and Miami (where Shockey lived). 

The former Giants/Saints/Panthers star denied knowing about Hanson's gambling and drug ties, and told the New York Post about his most recent encounter with the authorities:

"I thought he was in the real-estate business like me​. I’m a straight businessman. I don’t hang out with drug dealers or prostitutes. I’m here with my girlfriend making out, and I get a knock on my door from these agents. I said to them, ‘Come on in. I got nothing to hide.’”​​

Shockey also told the feds how the two met, which isn't all that shocking if you remember him from his playing days:

“We met when I passed out at a pool party in Vegas — from dehydration. He came to Miami all the time. I treated him like a friend. I let him stay at my house. He loved to surf. We’d go to the gym together. We went to the same parties together."

He also stated:

“I’m a drunk — I’m Irish. I’ve never had anything to do with drugs. And I would never do anything illegal to jeopardize what I’ve worked for.”

From here we'll just have to wait and see how this story continues to develop.

[via NY Post]

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