It’s not all that uncommon to see a former pro athlete several years after he has retired and think, “WTF happened to him?” But typically, it’s because the athlete is no longer in good shape like he used to be. Many athletes stop playing their respective sports and then completely let themselves go.

That’s not the case for former NFL player Brian Urlacher. He still looks like he’s in pretty good shape, despite the fact that he retired in 2012. But earlier today, he made an appearance on WGN News in Chicago, and something looked...different.

Wait, where did all that hair come from?!

As it turns out, Urlacher had a procedure done recently that allowed him to get a full head of hair:

But regardless of how or why it happened, people are understandably shocked by his new look and freaking out about it on Twitter:

Do you like Urlacher's new look? You can watch him debut his new hair in the clip above. You can also watch an infomercial starring the former Bears star below:

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