Today's announcement of the four teams to make the 2015 College Football Playoff is lacking in drama because every favorite won their conference championship yesterday. There was a chance for some chaos at the top, but an ACC ref felt the need to toss a needless offsides flag to screw North Carolina out of an onside kick recovery that may've potentially sent the Tar Heels into OT against No. 1 Clemson:

While you could likely guess the four teams in, it's now official: Clemson, Alabama, Michigan State and Oklahoma will face-off for the National Title. Clemson will play Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. And Alabama will play Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl. It's a worthy reward for the quartet of teams that survived the toughest regular season in sports.

Now comes the really fun part! Waiting for things to resume in three-and-a-half weeks.

This season both semifinals are set to take place on New Year's Eve, giving you something to watch in addition to a douche counting backwards from 10 as a ball drops.

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