Tonight—as if somehow you didn't already know—Oregon and Ohio State face-off in the finale of college football's inaugural embrace of the playoff system. And before Urban Meyer even gets off the phone with next year's recruits, speculation will already begin on how much better a bigger postseason would be. It's going to happen someday. I accept it. But it's best to be on the right side of history as we inevitably trend towards a watered-down regular season thanks to an eight-team tourney which, of course, will inevitably lead to public outcry about how the ninth ranked team got shafted (and then an argument over how it would never have happened if we had a 16-team format).

As is, there's no problem with the current playoff system. Although many people dragged their feet on dumping the BCS, the inclusion of two extra teams has actually given us a better title game because—as many an analyst has pointed out—without a four team playoff we would've seen a matchup of Alabama and Florida State tonight instead of the two teams that beat them. Besides, putting in four out of 128 teams (roughly 3%) means that championships remain reserved for the elite. And while we're all caught up in college football playoff euphoria, it would be wise to remain prudent and resist an immediate increase in championship contenders. As most know, once something expands, it almost never gets reigned back in (Val Kilmer's waistline being the obvious exception).

That's why you've got to combat the temptation to make the playoffs bigger at all costs, lest you run into the same problems as the NHL, NBA or any and every other league that has capitalized on this nation's frenzy for gaudy winner-take-alls that routinely give average teams a shot at a crown. There have been several arguments as to why the amount of schools playing for a title banner should grow, and while a few have merit, it's best not to mess with a good thing. What we have now is great, what we might have in the future could ruin it. Allow me to explain. Here's why Only An Idiot Would Expand The College Football Playoff.

And, of course, when we say "idiot," we don't actually mean you. Just everybody else of this opinion who isn't you.

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